Aktuelle Ausgabe 2023

A Cyberattack-proof Internet for the future? The Network Security Group has been working towards building a highly secure internet with a completely redesigned architecture.

The Internet is part of our everyday lives, so much so that it is now considered critical infrastructure. An infrastructure, however, that has been designed more than fifty years ago without any specific security mechanisms, and often falls prey to cyberattacks. The ETH Zürich has designed a new protocol that allows the machines to talk to each other in a much more secure way, preventing failures and allowing new applications that were not possible before, such as a better use of bandwidth resources and the possibility of diverting “traffic” when parts of the system fail.

The internet of the future is already working in some places in Switzerland and around the world.

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Juan A. Garcia-Pardo, Research programmer, Network Security Group, ETH Zurich.

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