Aktuelle Ausgabe 2023

The lessons that we learn as children stay with us for life.

At Zurich International School, we provide an education that ensures children develop a lifelong love of learning. That’s something that will help them pursue a life of achievement and confidence.

Whether it’s encouraging them to challenge themselves. To connect with people from different backgrounds. Or to push themselves to take risks, and trust in their abilities.

We want to be the institution of choice for families in the Greater Zurich area. For us, that’s about striking the perfect balance. And seeing the person, as well as the learner.

We’ve developed a curriculum that welcomes all students, and gives them the freedom to grow. We’ve built our outstanding education on a foundation of exceptional teaching, a broad curriculum including the IB Diploma, and a strong focus on STEM. It’s an approach that has opened doors to the world’s most prestigious universities.

But we’re most proud of how we deliver this education. When we challenge our students, we do so by getting them to experiment and explore, not by extinguishing their spark. Our teachers work hard to connect each student to a subject, and finding the angle that brings it to life. That’s an approach which helps learning stick, and is transferable to wherever they may go next.

However, school is about preparation for life, as well as exams. We’ve nurtured a campus environment that allows students to feel safe and supported. We provide support for their well-being during challenging times, and help them learn habits and approaches that will help them deal with life’s challenges in future. Our education focuses on character as well as achievement, and prizes qualities such as empathy, leadership, teamwork, resilience, patience and passion.

We also take the time to help our students discover their true passions. Our in-and-out-of-school activities expose students to a broad range of pursuits, so they can discover a hobby or career that may enrich their whole life. We also encourage them to be open to new challenges and experiences, even if they feel daunting, and to get value from things even if they do not excel at them.

We also provide our students with the resources to explore their potential. We’ve invested in new state-of-the-art facilities to allow students to connect and learn on two purpose-built campuses. But our school is not a bubble. We give students a safe community, but also encourage them how to make a difference with sustainable, hands-on activities that benefit the community, and encourage a global perspective.

We are confident in our approach to education. But learning is a lifelong process for all of us. So we are always exploring new ways to improve and grow. Our students, staff, and the families that make up our ZIS community all have a stake in our success, and all have something to offer in helping us learn, evolve and expand. And we also draw from the wisdom of our alumni in sectors around the world, as well as the corporate neighbours that employ many of our ZIS parents.

Imagine a school where your children come home excited about learning. Imagine a school where they discover a passion that becomes a calling. Imagine a school which feels like home, and gives them the confidence to explore the world.

Here are just some of our STEM offerings: 
- STEM/Tinkering Lab
- Robotics/Programming Club
- F1 in Schools
- Geocaching Club 
- Math Club  
- Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament
- TEDx  
- Science Club  
- Programming Club  
- Live Streaming Club   
- Design Club/ Makerspace Club