«Lecture Safeguarding Biomedical Data: The Crucial Role of IT Security»

Biomedical data, containing personal information, is highly valuable and requires robust protection. Malicious hackers pose a threat, attempting to exploit data platforms for personal gain, leading to potential consequences such as blackmail and unauthorized data selling.

Join us for an overview of IT security in biomedical research. Specifically, we'll explore the role of intrusion detection systems in preventing data exfiltration.

Topics that we will touch on

·       The value of Biomedical Data

·       Security Challenges

·       Overview of IT Security in Biomedical Research

·       Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

·       Preventing Data Exfiltration


The lecture will be held in English.

Target group: Teenagers and adults (12 years and over), ETH members, researchers, students.
You will find the exact meeting point in the booking confirmation.

ITS Scientific IT Services (ITS SIS)

The section Scientific IT Services provides research-related IT services for computing- and data-intensive research activities at ETH Zurich. They offer a wide portfolio of services, which they create and develop together with the scientific customers. Among other things, the portfolio includes resources for scientific computing, advice and support for questions related to scientific computing, software and data management, as well as the creation and adaptation of scientific software and the associated integration into workflows for data acquisition and evaluation.


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